About Us

Hi.. we are Nikki & Karen ๐Ÿ™‚ Greetings?
Thank you for the trust you have put on us all these years and for your continued patronage with us, considering – we have slashed our prices without compromising quality or services – Watches, Handbags, Shoes, Clothes, Sunglasses, Belts, Jewelry all you can order with us. We specialize in wholesale orders direct factory supply all quality products. Please check with us before ordering with other sellers – you’ll find us the best, you’ll appreciate quality, prices, delivery and services.

Few things for clients who are ordering with other sellers need check – If a seller is offering free shipping & you are ordering 2-3 items in an order then you are paying more. Even Free shipping many times client’s forget about that and end up adding shipping fee again. If a seller is offering Discount for orders above USD500 or 1000 such slabs the small orders are paying high prices. Understand your seller if they lacks knowledge about Quality/ Expertise/ Factory/ Experience – you are not getting value for your money spent – or let’s say – you are not reaching the best ending up buying something cheap quality at higher prices – seller mints money. If a seller is offering discounts then obviously he has kept the prices to accommodate discounts.

With us we treat all big & small orders a wholesale and treat all clients the same. So we do not have a discount offer code/ free shipping/ or discount structure.. We are transparent with clients orders. No other sellers offers QC images or videos before shipping like we do letting clients see what they have ordered and what they are getting shipped. Accepting orders is a responsibility for us and we thrive to deliver the best. Delivery is guaranteed with us.. if seized or lost in transit – we reship order at our own expenses with just an extra shipping fees from you. Please send images for the items you wish to order with us to help us check the availability with factory and update you soon. You can add us on Whatsapp: https://bit.ly/2Mm9EhA to help us assist you better with prices, images and videos ๐Ÿ™‚ Wechat Watchez007, asiaticwatches@gmail.com Make your shopping a pleasant experience with us each time – every time ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Shipping?

Buyer Protection & Why Buy From Us..?
Let me have this answered first, below you can find About Us also ๐Ÿ™‚
We do not have paypal or credit card option and lets not discuss why. We do not have or say we do not want to have paid with these options for our own reasons. Clients who can pay with Western Union, Bitcoins or Moneygram only need buy from us.

So payment with WU means scam – this is first thing gets in everybody’s mind. Not to deny many scammers are there as we read many stories getting ripped everyday.
a) What we can do is send you WU receipts images from the payment slips we are receiving payments from our clients every day. (You’ll think what’s there in the images, that also can be manipulated and also can be a fake for the sake for a scam) Have a look into the images, check on wu website if such payment happened or not and then decide yourselves. Remember, these are clients who never wanted an introduction or anything, we don’t know how they got convinced and started ordering with us.
b) We can even try you get introduced with one of our valued clients from your country, you can have a word about us and get convinced. Now again you can think the said contacts are also fake and are a part of scam… (this also you can decide upon talking with them)
c) Many clients contacts us and asks us to ship the order first & once delivered, they will send us the payment very same day – do you all think it is possible? Forget it.
……Here one more intention with the clients asking this is to confirm if they are getting exact thing for what they have paid for.. and again if lost in transit or seized in customs they will their loose money…. ok let me answer –
d) We maintain complete transparency processing orders.. we send quality check images (with same day date slip sticker on it) from the items and if necessary send you video to ensure clients what they have ordered and what they are going to get, packing images with that day date slip sticker on the item to ensure that the images are not from some previously shipped order.. ah..
Now if a client says we ordered a Noob factory watch and the qc images are of some other low quality factory product? –
– Try check well with the QC images we send you and if have doubt share it on forums or can check with whoever you want. If they say its a different one ask them why they think so and we will get you a reply from the factory itself. Or let us know in what way you want it have to be proved before ordering or sending payment to us, we will try work it out. This has never happened before still if such case if you can prove its a different factory item, we will cancel & refund you before shipping.

Again the most important thing – is that we are available on whatsapp 24×7 and happy assist you with your orders with us. Not like other websites with only an email address to reach them.( we are mailing to his yahoo.com email address but no reply what other email address does this seller have? Shall I initiate a charge back or wait few more days…. common posts we read on forums…. why? why to depend on such people? – Or have Online chat but not online always.. Here we work hand to hand with our clients to make sure their online shopping a pleasant experience with us always. If ever our whatsapp number get blocked you can check our new number here on Rep-zilla.com home page for the new number or we will reach you and contact you immediately from our new whatsapp number, no worries.

Now if the order gets lost in transit or seized with customs – We take full responsibility and if lost for unknown reasons or seized in customs, don’t worry we will re-ship your order at our own expenses yes 100% Free re-shipping at our costs. And if again lost or seized we will refund your order. So you will get your order delivered or a refund you are not gong to loose any how.. Always open the package with a mobile video recording very well clear so that if the order is delivered in a damagedย  condition and if your video proves this well, we will re-ship your order at our expenses.
Do you have a website or products images to see and order?
Here on Rep-zilla.com you can find few Watches / Handbags listed and you cannot order or make payment here like other e-shop websites. We are maintaining this just like a blog only.
But we have all same watches, same direct factory watches puretime, trusty time, perfect clones, intime or any other website you name all latest – same prices, but shipping we offer Free! By offering Free shipping does not means ship with Airmail services but with Express Shipping methods. These are all factory watches already low margin. Still we try make our clients happy offer another 10USD less on each watches, the best we can do. Many watches on Trusty are not on PT and vice versa with other websites. But you can find from us all of them available if any of these websites have for sure. So you can send us web page links or images from these websites to help us check with appropriate factory and update you soon on whatsapp.

About US
We are selling Watches and Hand-Bags online for over a decade now. Our team is having immense experience working for some top websites and with the best factories here over years now, we individuals have teamed up to serve quality Watches & HandBags to our clients worldwide. Getting your orders direct from factory to make sure you get the best always or say – each time, every time.

Again we supply all spares, straps, bracelets, boxes and accessories. Repairs are done sending them to appropriate factories or quality repair shops to get them fixed well.
QC images are supplied and re-confirm with you prior shipping.
Ensure fast and safe shipping methods always. Shipping is free with us though we use Via UK & France with fastest services possible. Vacuum Test / Water Proof Tests ย or say water resistance tests are done free on every watches before shipping. The tests images are also sent to you to see the report. The movement tests are also done with our Time Accuracy testing machines, all test images sent to you for all orders each time.
Thank you and Happy shopping with us.. ๐Ÿ™‚
Wechat: Watchez007