How to order

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Kindly first check the availability with us through whatsapp, Online Chat or Emails. We will supply you with factory images to check before ordering. Then confirm pricing with us as per your order, how much to send.
You can pay us with Western Union or Bitcoin or Alipay.
Other than this we are not accepting PayPal or Credit Card methods.

For sending Western Union payments you can do it through local western union offices / agents / vendors directly pay cash and process the transfer to us.

You can process Western Union online with your credit card. (Online process for doing Western Union would be hectic, chages are higher and won’t work well for you, you can give a try.)

Once paid, we will get your orders from appropriate factory, take QC images, do tests and send you all images to re-confirm with you before shipping.
Happy Shopping!
REp-Zilla Team