Which Factory Is The Best On Making Replica Watches ??

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Hi guys, this topic is dedicated for some newbie…
Confusion will come across your mind especially if you are new in replica, because there are many replica factory around the market, weather well known or not. When you look at the TD section or website mentioning so many different replica factories, there will be some obvious questions, which factory is the best? Are they all good?

In order to wipe your confusion, I will explain which factory is the best to make particular brands or models. Because every factory have their own flagship model on replica watches they build. By this topic, I hope you guys will understand and use it as guidance to pick some good stuffs from the right factory. I will try as honest as possible to tell the truth, also based on my experience and getting more information from replica forums (Rep-zilla.com)

Here we go… !

This factory is very well known in the replica industry. Even their name is used for any good replica from china. Is this noob? (means is this replica?). This factory has made some perfect replica watches in some brands, and below are some list of their flagship reps :

Rolex > Submariner 116610 black / green, Deepsea Sea-Dweller 116660, GMT Master II with correct handstack, Submariner two tone with real wrapped gold, Explorer II with correct hand stack, and recently they just release some DayDate II and Daytona series. The latest version of those Rolex model is Version 7 (V7).
Panerai > Eventhough Noob has not making many of Panerai, but they made 1 the best panerai ever which is PAM 111, very detail and reliable.
Blancpain > Fifty Pathoms model is the one you must get if you love Blancpain model, noob just made it perfectly
Jaeger Lecoultre > Master Diving Navy Seal, is the one you must get.
Omega > Liquid Metal 42mm is probably the most popular Omega made perfectly by noob
Breitling > You can go for Superocean II series if you want breitling from Noob

When you ask which factory best on making Audemars Piguet? There is no doubt to go to J Factory, not other factory. There are so many review of how good JF making those AP models. But, not only AP J Factory also have some other cool stuffs on Breitling, Cartier, and many more. This factory has made some perfect replica watches in some brands, and below are some list of their flagship replica watches :
Audemars Piguet > All recommended Audemars Piguet Models are those made by J Factory, no doubt. Their flagships are 15400 models, Royal Oak Diver 15703, Bumble Bee, Ginza, Diver Chronograph, Michael Schumacher, Ceramic Novelty, pretty much all. Those are the best replication in the market so far.
Rolex > Apart from Noob, JF is also made some perfect Rolex model especially on Yacht Master series, Daytona series, and Submariner, Milgauss, and Explorer I series. Some people still love this model made by JF compare to Noob, but both are good in my opinion.
Breitling > If you looking for Chronomat models or Navitimer model, you must go for those made by J factory
Cartier > Cartier Diver Series, is the one you must get.
Longines > Master Moonphase is probably the most popular Longines made perfectly by JF. All complication features are working perfectly.

Z FACTORY (ZF) (Wechat: Watchez007)
This factory is not an old factory like noob or BP, but this factory recently made so many brands and model replicated perfectly. Some brands like IWC Schaffhausen, Tudor, Bell & Ross, and some Panerai model. These are some models as ZF flaghship replica :
IWC Schaffhausen > This factory is a big player of this brand, there are so many perfect clone made by them in this brand. Here are some : Portuguese 7 Days Model with real power reserve, Portuguese Chronograph with correct thickness, Pilot Chronograph models, and some Big Pilot models which also real working power reserve feature.
Tudor > After V6F tried the market, ZF finally rule the market now on this brand, there are some Tudor model are very well known as perfect copy from this factory, such as : Pelagos series, Black Bay series, and Fast Rider series,
Bell & Ross > Nothing to compare about this brands on replica industry, you must go for ZF, nothing else. BR 03-92 is the only best Bell & Ross model in the market, and those made by Z factory, especially on Golden Heritage model
Jaeger Lecoultre > The best JLC model made by ZF is Master Ultra Thin Reserve de Marche
Panerai > The quality of Panerai made by ZF is very competitive with other factory, I will say some Panerai model are perfectly well made by ZF, such as : PAM 672, PAM 388, PAM 292, PAM 127, PAM 217, PAM 372, and PAM 504

BP FACTORY (Wechat: Watchez007)
Formerly known as the first generation Rolex best maker, BP still making good copies up until now. There are some brands and model that you must go for this factory for some reasons, here are their flagships :
Omega > BP is the only recommended factory to go if you want Omega Diver 300m model. This factory made this model perfectly without a doubt.
Rolex > If you want to get some Rolex Pre-Ceramic model, such as submariner, and GMT Master I, you must choose this factory compare to other. Eventhough not the perfect build, but BP is the best one in the market
Patek Philippe > For some model of Patek Philippe, you still need to go for BP factory instead of MK factory, which are : Nautilus 5980 and any Nautilus with leather.

This is the only factory that produces so many brands, and the good thing is most of them are categorized as perfect copy among other factories. Formerly known as the first factory made perfect copy of Hublot Big Bang series, now they made bunch of perfect models from some other brands. Here they are :
Hublot > Without a doubt, this factory is mastering on this brand and model, there are some flagship model like : Hublot King Power Diver 4000, and Big Bang 44mm series
Omega > Bunch of omega models are ruled by this factory and in fact, those are perfect. Such as : Planet Ocean GMT series, Moon Watch series, Planet Ocean 600 series, Aqua Terra series, Hour Vision series, and Constellation series,
SevenFriday > There is no other factory making this brand as perfect as V6F. All series of SevenFriday are well replicated such as : P-Series, M-Series, V-Series and Q-Series. Some of them especially on P and V series, the NFC are detected and working properly
IWC Schaffhausen > In order to compete with ZF on this brand, V6F made a perfect strategy by making the one that ZF not make, which is Aquataimer Model, both chronograph and analog series are good copies
Tag Heuer > Again, we have no choice for this brand, only this factory made it very well and right now the best in the market. The flagship model are : Calibre 16, Calibre 1887, Calibre 36, Calibre 1887 Chronograph 41mm, and some of Calibre 5
Cartier > Some of Cartier model are perfectly cloned by this factory such as, Santos model, Cle model, and Ball On Bleu model
Panerai > Competing with other Panerai specialized factory, V6F also win in some model like : PAM048, PAM661, PAM634, PAM508, PAM575, PAM507, PAM607, PAM676, PAM677, PAM512, PAM513, PAM320, PAM337, PAM338, PAM417, PAM359, and PAM438
Linde Werdelin > Two Spidolite model is very recommended from this factory : Spidolite II Green forged carbon, and the Gold Spidolite II
Zenith > The only best model on replica is Pilot Extra Special Type 20 series and Heritage Tone Up model. And the most popular and good one is the one with Bronze case (Rep-zilla.com)
Dietrich > This medium brand are well developed by this factory, Organic Time series is the only best copies (OT-1 until OT-7)

This is quite new factory in the market, but this factory has made some perfect Panerai model. I dont know weather they will produce another brand or not, but so far the only brand they made is Panerai. The good thing about this factory is they made random serial number which match between case and the one on the movement. Only 5 flaghsip replica from this factory so far : PAM441, PAM213 (real split-second), PAM382, PAM359 and PAM312

This factory is also very reliable on making some brands and model, Below are some of their flagship :
Rolex > MK factory is mastering on Celini model, you wont find any other Rolex model made by this factory except Cellini. The build is good and I consider this model from MK is the best quality so far in the market
IWC Schaffhausen > When you looking for Portofino model, there are 2 factories around the market who made perfect replica, but i will consider MK as recommendation. Another model is Pilot Analog model
Patek Philippe > Talking about the best Nautilus 5711 model, the latest version that very close to genuine is form MK factory
Tag Heuer > Recently MK factory launched the new Calibre 5 WAY201A model, and it is very recommended
Breguet > It is very hard to find good replica of breguet, but if you looking for the simple breguet replica, you have to choose from MK factory. The best Breguet from this factory is Classique 5177BR.

This factory is only mastering on some Omega model, such as (click the product name to see the watches) Planet Ocean chronograph, Speedmaster Crhonograph, New model of Planet Ocean 600m, and Speedmaster 57 model. Eventho the chronograph hands on the second sub dial is only 1 hand working (which is very hard to make both hands working on 1 sub dial), the build they made on these omega is very nice.

Again, there are some factory only develop 1 single brand, like S factory (SF) is only mastering in some Panerai model which is quite the same quality with KW /V6 Factory. Both are with super clone movement, but some form S Factory are better, such as on these model : PAM604, PAM425, PAM448, PAM690, PAM672, PAM1359, PAM605, PAM1312, and PAM449

New factory since end of 2016 is mastering on some Rolex model. The different between this factory and other factory is that EW factory replica are with the paper set which is match to the serial number of watches itself. Mastering on Rolex Daydate and Datejust model, here are some of their flagship replica : Date-Just 116300 series, Day-Date 228396 series, Date-Just 116333 series, Datejust 116334 series, Day-Date 228235 Series, Date-Just 126331 series, and Datejust 126301 series.

Mostly making some replica on Germany watches like Glashutte, A Lange & Sohne, now this factory launched the most demandable Breitling replica on perfection. Here are some brands and model as GF flagship replica :
A Lange & Sohne > Saxonia is the best build from this factory on this brands. Both on stainless steel or gold, are very good.
Breitling > Recommended Breitling from this factory are : Avenger II GMT M3239010/BF04/109W ​and Avenger Blackbird V1731110. GF just made it perfectly. So many people happy with this version as I read on forums.
Glashutte Original > This is the brand that GF master on it. All Senator Sixties model made by this factory are extremely perfect. Another model that I recommend for you is Senator Navigator model.

This factory is the master of Tourbillon and some complication watches. When you looking for Tourbillon replica watches, there is no other choice to buy only from this factory. Even not exactly like genuine, but all tourbillon watches from this factory are well made and well function. These are some models that I recommend for you :
Audemars Piguet > AP 26412ST series and Jules Audemars are the only Tourbillon from AP that replicated properly by T Factory
IWC Schaffhausen > IW5446 series, IW5042 series, and IW5046 series are the most recommended tourbillon series on this brand
Breguet > Classique Complications 5317BR/12/9V6 and Classique Complications 5307PT/12/9V6 are the best on tourbillon on this brand

I hope this topic can help you to decide which brand and models is the best from any particular replica factories in replica industry. At the end, first understand that a replica factory ARE NOT OFFER FLAWLESS REPLICA, this is replica, even if these are the best and the closest one, there MUST be a flaws. What can you expect by buying $300 replica compare to $3,000 or even $30,000 genuine. You must accept the fact that these are replica and you must accept the fact of their minor or major flaws. All you need to do is find out the seller/dealer who can speak and response your questions properly.

This is based on my knowledge, you really can add something about this or correct me if i am wrong..

Rep-zilla.com Team
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