2021 Rolex latest blue water ghost 41mm pre-sale, the highest version MAX.

 1. The 3235 movement with VS 72 hours of kinetic energy. You only need to wind the chain for 50 laps and see if it can stand for 2 days to distinguish the authentic version.

2. The best blue ceramic ring on the market is no longer brilliant blue, the latest generation of C ring.

3. The dial and other accessories can be interchanged with genuine products, the best modified copy (forum players have verified, no need to exaggerate the publicity)

What is the experience of buying a dollar value product at the price of RMB? 

This table will tell you the version with more valuable accessories than the table. Accept the reservation and queue up for delivery.

When buying a watch, it is important to choose the right version. The first anger recommendation in 2021!

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