GM factory Rolex 36mm five-ball steel belt log V2 version 3235 all-in-one V3 series

 The V3 series is to purchase the latest version of the original as a comprehensive update. The differences from the past are as follows:

1⃣: Modify the polishing process and quality of the steel belt and the buckle, improve the distance between the belt sections and the grains, and modify the tightness of the "buckle switch" to make the sound and feel of the "switch" buckle close to the original one!

2⃣: Modify the angle and size of the tooth angle of the tooth ring to be the same as the original one.

3⃣: Modify the literal texture and word D, as well as the calendar convex crystal and calendar font.

4⃣: Modify the size of the case, the small body size of the strap and the thickness of the case are all consistent with the original.

5⃣: The most important update is that the movement equipped with this model is the newly developed V2 version 3235 all-in-one machine, which is infinitely close to the original movement's functions, bottom structure distribution, typing, floor washing patterns, etc. ♾! It is not a simple structure of the so-called + bottom plate, but an integrated development!

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