Handbag Types, All Women Must Own

 The right kind of a handbag can make or break an outfit, they are that essential to a women’s attire. While most people know the different shoe or outfit types, not everyone is aware of how many different bag types there are. If you tell your friend that you just bought yourself a gorgeous tote bag, chances are she might probably just give you a blank stare. For some it is also an obsession to own different types of handbags to suit every occasion. Such bagista’s even have separate closets assigned for all their various handbags.

It is important for all women to know all types of handbags however Men too should take note of these as the next time you plan to give a woman a gift, go with a handbag, they always work! The following are some kinds of bags that as women, we should be fully aware of.

1. Athletic bag:

This is for all the sporty women out there. A soft, considerably roomy bag that is used to carry all sporting equipment and apparel to the gym or elsewhere.

2. Backpack:

This is a bag that is supported by the shoulders with double handles and lies across our back. Not only are they easy to carry, but are helpful.
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3. Baguette Bag:

It is a purse that is relatively long from each of our sides and small from top to the very bottom. It is basically a little like any bag with a handle.

4. Clutch:

A clutch is relatively smaller than most other bags. It is a rectangular, evening bag without any handle to it. It is just supposed to be clutched or tucked under the arm or carried by the hand. It is very famous with the women and comes in different, colourful options. No outfit can ever look completely sleek, elegant and complete without a clutch. Ask all the Hollywood A listers, they can’t do without it! While during day time, a clutch with minimum embellishments works, opt for a bejewelled one for a dazzling night look.

5. Cosmetic case:

This is a kind of bag that comes in handy for all women, cosmetic cases are bags of varying sizes and shapes that have a zip closure lined to hold your cosmetics.

6. Doctor’s bag:

A traditional doctor’s bag is a duffel-shaped leather satchel used primarily to carry small medical necessities while the classic doctor’s bag is flat-bottomed with rounded sides to it. Two large handles come together over the top so that it becomes easier for us to carry it with no issues. The mouth of the bag has a collapsible metal frame that springs open when we separate the handles. The wide mouth makes it easy for us look into the bag and extract the required items.

7. Duffel Bag:

A large bag usually used while traveling or for sports purposes. The name comes from Duffel, which is a town in Belgium where the thick cloth that is used to make the bag originated. Duffel bags are also used by sailors and are sometimes called sea bags.

8. Envelope bag:

This is a flat, either a square or rectangular bag that has a triangle-shaped top flap that folds over like an envelope, hence the appropriate name.

9. Feed bag:

A feed bag is used for feeding animals. It covers all the muzzle and fastens at the top of the head.

Fold over clutch

10. Fold over clutch:

A fold over clutch can either have a handle or might not have one. It can be tucked or folded not causing you any trouble.

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Hobo Bag

11. Hobo Bag:

A hobo bag refers to a large crescent-shaped shoulder bag or any large bag that hangs from your shoulder and also has a main compartment closure.


12. Minaudiere:

Not as well known, This is a small evening bag embezzled with pieces of metal, semi precious stones or beads or covered with fabric or leather.

Muff handbag

13. Muff:

A muff is a winter bag made of either real or faux fur, wool or velvet that has zippered compartments and a slip opening for your hands.

Satchel handbag

14. Satchel:

A satchel is a structured handbag having two handles with a locking system and a bottom that is considerably flat. It might be large or small and is widely used by women everywhere. It is also known as a ‘postman’s bag’. A satchel is a great bag to take along to your office. It would be recommended to search for this kind in leather as it tends to look extremely professional.

Sling Bag

15. Sling Bag:

It is a bag with a long strap meant to be worn on the shoulder. Though it is not so huge in size, it has enough room to keep all your necessary items and is very popular with youngsters.

Tote Bag

16. Tote Bag:

A medium to large sized bag that contains two straps. Sometimes it is also sold as a reusable shopping bag. This is a bag that can carry anything that might be otherwise too large for a common handbag. Therefore it is also known as a ‘Shopper’.

The Kelly-style bag

17. The Kelly-style bag:

This is a classic type of bag that was originally created by Hermes for movie star princess Grace Kelly. It is extremely sophisticated and a timeless style in its beautiful design and looks great with a suit. Like the satchel, it’s a great bag for the office.

While there are many handbag styles to choose from, being aware or having these particular styles in your wardrobe will prove to be helpful and will become a little easier for you to choose the exact kind of bag to carry the next time depending on the situation!