LV M41055 M41056 小号29cm 大号33cm LV Montaigne MM Monogram

LV M41055 M41056 小号29cm 大号33cm LV Montaigne MM Monogram

The LV Montaigne MM Monogram is one of those gorgeous stylish designer handbags that combines a feminine, elegant structured outside with a smart, spacious and well-organized inside, turning it into the perfect choice for both business and pleasure. Since its launch in 2015, the model has become increasingly popular among bags lovers from across the world due to its elegant design, outstanding versatility and stunning selection of materials and colors. It is the right bag for fabulous days at the office, fun evenings with the girls or chic gala events.

Genuine LV Montaigne MM Monogram purse

Considering how stunningly beautiful this bag is, I think it is safe to say there is no surprise to anyone that I am absolutely in love with it. I got my mind set on it for a while now and I have always postponed purchasing it due to other acquisitions that seemed more important at that time. Now that I finally own the bag, I realize how incredibly wrong I was. The Montaigne MM is a gorgeous purse and I regret not getting it sooner. It has everything I have ever wanted in a bag and much more. Are you curious to find out what this replica is really like? Continue reading my review 🙂

side handle holder of fake LV bag

Measuring 33 cm x 23 cm x 15 cm the LV Montaigne MM is the ideal accessory for a demanding lifestyle. From gym essentials to business meetings, this modern purse has got you covered. Its clever interior offers one central zippered compartment with a padlock, one double BB pocket, two wide compartments and one flat pocket. Carrying it is a matter of choice. It can be carried on the arm, in the hand or on the shoulder, courtesy of its removable shoulder strap. Just like the original purse, my replica LV Montaigne Monogram comes with the clever shoulder strap that offers extra functionality to its owner. I was also impressed with the natural cowhide rounded top handles which look amazing in light cream. Given the generous measurements of the bag, the design and construction of the handles offer extra sturdiness to the bag and increased comfort when worn on the shoulder or being held in the hand.

fake LV Montaigne MM bag inside lining

LV makes this model in a few very interesting selections of materials such as the classic Monogram canvas, the chic Monogram Empreinte, glamorous Monogram Vernis, exotic Ostrich and luxurious Crocodile Brillant. Each type of fabric in available in a multitude of colors. For instance, the Monogram Empreinte comes in Noir, Marine, Taupe, Cherry, Raisin, Denim and Amethyste; the Monogram Vernis comes in Cherry, Amarante and Rose Ballerina; and the Ostrich fabric is available in Fuchsia and Figue. These stunning materials are nicely balanced by natural cowhide leather trip and shiny golden brass hardware. For my imitation Montaigne MM I decided to get the Monogram version as I consider it to be the most practical and easy to style choice. The classic canvas goes with everything, isn’t that loud looking and it embodies the distinctive personality of the bag so in my opinion it is the best possible option. I was very impressed to see the quality of the Monogram canvas available on my replica purse. It is the type of beautiful glossy canvas that has the refined texture and sturdiness of the authentic bag. Even though the Montaigne is a pretty large model, it manages to stand firm on its own even when it’s empty thanks to the superior quality of the fabric.

Montaigne MM Monogram canvas leather

The golden brass hardware is one of the things I love the most about LV bags. The shine, the craftsmanship, the shape and the way they are marked with the brand’s logo make them stand out and enhance the overall elegance of the bag. Especially on the Montaigne model the contrast between the Monogram canvas, the light cream handles and the fine gold hardware recreates a classic sophistication that is breath taking. Another aesthetic detail that reinforces the distinctive look of the Montaigne is the light cream leather key bell attached to the handles. For me, it is the signature detail of modern LV bags. I was lucky enough to get a replica LV that is adorned with very good quality hardware. I like the color of the gold metal parts, the way the brands name and monogram are embossed in the metal and its sturdiness. The distinctive gold details on this model are the top hook closure, the font flat studs and protective bottom studs. Everything about the hardware seems as authentic as it can get.

LV Montaigne replica bottom studs

At the inside of the purse we have microfiber lining which is one of LV’s preferred choices for the interior of this bags. The compact and spacious Montaine MM Monogram comes with a cleverly organized inside that offers plenty of room for all your important belongings. No matter how many lady essentials you might need, this smart purse has the perfect solution as it comes with two wide compartments, one central zippered compartment with a padlock, one flat pocket and one double BB pocket. What more could you wish from a city bag? Similarly, my LV Montaigne MM Monogram replica comes with the aforementioned compartments and pockets offering sufficient room for all my stuff. So far, I haven’t come across any carrying problem that this Louis Vuitton replica couldn’t handle.

replica bag leather and gold hardware

LV purses are famed for their flawless stitching. As the vast majority of the stitches are exposed and used to emphasize the construction and structure of the bags, it goes without saying that replicating the gorgeous stitching of a LV bag is a very important part that contributes to the overall authenticity of the product. Again, I was very pleased to see that my imitation bag has clean stitching in the correct shade. The lines are well balanced, there are no loose threads and everything is nice and even- just as it should be.

leather bag monogram handle holder

gold hardware LV zipper

The LV Montaigne MM Monogram is an iconic model that features a classic silhouette and an everlasting style. The basic concept of the bag is sophisticated elegance with an extra touch of formal allure making it the ideal choice for businesswomen who cherish utterly fashionable refinement. But as looks isn’t everything in life, this purse is also smart and functional. The clever designed interior offers plenty of room for everything that is important to you and its removable strap and closure enhance superior utility and versatility. This time all odds were in my favor so I got a replica purse that looks, feels and has the same construction as the genuine one. It is everything you could possible want from an imitation LV.

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