Miranda Kerr’s Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere

 We know that Miranda’s taste for luxury fashion items is peerless and we also noticed the abundance of  her  famous brand bags. She has the possibility of choosing what she likes and her taste for fashion never cease do amaze us.

This time she’s wearing her black Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere bag, an ageless model of this iconic accessory, never to obsolete, always in fashion.

A true heartbreaker, her bag is the ultimate city bag as it’s lightweight and also has a cool adjustable  leather strap that Miranda choose to remove in order to wear it on her arm, by the leather handles.

The golden details – the double zip and padlock, the metallic pieces of the strap and the bottom studs are so elegant and go so well with the embossed Empreinte leather, Vuitton’s signature and the dream of every fashionista.

Celebrity speedy bandouliere bag

The way that Miranda’s wearing it speaks of this bag lightweight, although it’s unique shape stays in place in order to protect this beauty essentials. Often spotted wearing it in the city,  this emblazoned LV logo piece of art seems to be the perfect choice for running an errand, shopping or taking your kid to school. Some of  Miranda’s day activities, a modern mom that knows how choosing the right accessory can uplift an outfit. This time she’s keeping her appearance so young and fresh with simple black ballerina shoes, colorful baggy pants in a light texture and a white t-shirt. The Speedy Bandouliere transforms her outfit from a rather mediocre one into one that’s casual and elegant at the same time, fresh and dynamic, suitable for every woman that has a full plate but doesn’t want to neglect her look and doesn’t need or feel the urge to overdo it either.

And Miranda knows that most often to keep it simple is the smartest choice. Add a cool detail like this iconic bag, crafted meticulously,  a product of an established brand, the object of desire of millions of woman all over the planet, and you can leave your house being sure that at least one item of your outfit will steal someone’s heart!

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