NéoNoé – the Classic Louis Vuitton Bucket Bag

 One of the most iconic Louis Vuitton handbags reinvented for the 21st century – NéoNoé MM, the famous bucket bag is a must-have for the true fashionista. This deluxe bag in traditional LV Epi leather comes in many vibrant colors to complement any outfit, be it formal or casual.

With its sleek body-friendly design and colorful contrasting drawstrings, NéoNoé is both stylish and useful, as it can hold a lot without making it look like it. The people who see you don’t need to know what you’re hiding in your precious LV, that’s your secret.

The Fascinating History of the Bucket Bag

Oddly enough the original Noé was designed exactly for this, to keep secrets and hide its rather unusual content from curious eyes. The original Noé was created in 1932 by Gaston-Louis Vuitton at the request of a friend who was in the champagne business. This gentleman wanted a special bag to be offered as a gift to one of the company’s most devoted customers. He only gave Vuitton these very poetic instructions – the bag was to be big enough to carry five bottles, light as the bubbles in his champagne, and as elegant as its beverages. This is how the Noé bucket bag came to be and, if you’re interested, the new bag can still serve its original purpose. The new bucket bag carries on the legendary designer’s legacy of sophistication and its utility function. You can fit four champagne bottles and a fifth upside down, comfortably nested among the others. What you carry in your NéoNoé MM is up to you – maybe it’s just your phone and your travel beauty-case or maybe everything you need for a romantic picnic!

A Versatile Handbag for Any Occasion

The NéoNoé is a truly versatile handbag and you can carry it in several ways, to suit your mood and, of course, the occasion. The bucket bag comes with a detachable top handle and a removable smart strap. Keep the top handle on and you have an elegant bag, just perfect for a more formal occasion, a business dinner, or a night at the theater. You can just as well take the top handle off and use the adjustable strap to carry your NéoNoé on your shoulder – stylish and yet casual enough for a date or a night at the restaurant with your friends. And there are, of course, those days when you hit the shops and you know you won’t be able to resist and you’ll come out with way too many bags. You don’t want to be bothered with the handbag as well, do you? Just sling it cross-body and your arms will be free to carry as many shopping bags as you want.

But, enough with the stories, let’s have a closer look at this arm candy because there’s a lot to see.

The LV Traditional Epi Leather

The NéoNoé was released in several variants, from the classic monogram canvas to this deep-dyed Epi cowhide leather model. Epi leather is one of Louis Vuitton’s signature materials, a pigmented smooth leather with a characteristic embossing, reminiscent of boarded grain. It is the special pigmentation that makes your LV bag weather-resistant, which means you won’t have to worry about the occasional rain shower, nor about those bright colors fading in the sun.

The trims are made of smooth leather, while the metallic elements come in a classy silver-coloring.

The drawstrings allow you to secure the content of your handbag, and, anyway, you have a central flat pocket with a zipper for your more valuable possessions. It is those drawstrings that add style to the NéoNoé MM, as their color contrasts the leather but matches the bonded lining to create a stunning effect.

Which One Is Yours?

There is one problem with the NéoNoé MM line, the handbags come in such glamorous colors it is almost impossible to choose just one of them. The Rose Ballerine shade of pink is just perfect for a beautiful spring day, but you might also want one in a bold red for a glorious summer day, but which shade should you choose – the Cherry Berry, the Coquelicot or perhaps the Grenade. Then there’s the striking Black NéoNoé which is suitable for any occasion or the White and Black that would look just great with your LBD. And the Blue Roi, a truly regal bag for a style queen.

If you’re looking for something exceptional, you know you can never go wrong with a Louis Vuitton. Nothing else says class and elegance like that distinctive LV monogram on your handbag! Happy choosing!

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