New Release News - MKS released their v3 of the Breguet Classique 5177


The MKS Breguet Classic Series 5177.V3 version is here. The diameter of the watch is 38MM. The dial is the same as the original. The dial is made of enamel. It is not ordinary paint on the market. The brightness, hardness and texture are better. The V3 version is mainly for the polishing of the case. Upgrade, break through the limit, restore the original consistent thickness of 8.8MM; the movement adopts Miyoda 9015 to change the Cal.777Q movement (non-cover), which is better than the previous version and the V3 version of the movement and its lettering. Delicate, the movement deck is clearly layered, and the lettering is clear and smooth!

On the individual watch photos they are saying the dials have fine printing (for enamel dials), and the case has been updated to be 8.8mm. The movement has also been re-engraved as well.

For the guilloche dials, they are saying they have a better 3-d engraving process.

Always nice to see Breguet getting some love. Previously the FKF version was superior IMO, but let's see what the actual product looks like (most of these photos are genuine renders and the small pics are hard to make out), and I am not sure if they will release the Navy enamel dial as seen in the upper corners of the final image (historically only FKF has).