Twist MM – The Beauty of a Classic Design

 Glamorous and instantly-recognizable, the Twist MM chain bag is Louis Vuitton’s take on a classic design. LV puts a twist on the traditional envelope design to offer you a handbag more spacious than it looks. Add to this the iconic Twist lock and you have a trendy bag, perfect for every occasion.

Celebrities are in love with the Twist MM

The Twist MM model was first presented at the 2015 Cruise show and became an instant hit with the public, from the fashion-conscious young ladies of the world to the Kardashians and Hollywood celebrities.

At a time when love for vintage fashion reigns supreme, Louis Vuitton looks again at tradition. The Twist MM is a modern reinterpretation by Nicolas Ghesquière of another Louis Vuitton iconic model, the Trapeze clutch handbag. Just as it does with many of its most popular models, LV took the 1988 La Pochette Trapeze and tweaked the original design to transform it into one of the most coveted bags of the last few years. No wonder stars like Miranda Kerr, Chloe Moretz, Grace, and Alicia Vikander, have all fallen for its charm.

Perfect craftsmanship

The Twist MM is made with the Louis Vuitton emblematic Epi leather, that is a pigmented smooth leather with distinctive embossing, which makes it look like of boarded grain. The special pigmentation makes the leather resistant to the elements, which is a blessing. You wouldn’t want your precious handbag ruined by a light rain, would you? The bag sports the by-now iconic LV Twist lock, just as recognizable as the brand’s Monogram canvas. By, the way, did you know that the founder of the Vuitton house invented the Monogram canvas as a way to fight against counterfeiting? Back in the 19th century, Vuitton only produced luggage but the trunks they made were so elegant everybody wanted one. Just like today with the handbags. Some things never change.

You can also find the Twist handbag in a smaller size, the Twist Mini. If the original is  9.1 x 7.1 x 3.1 inches, the Mini is only 6.10 x 4.92 x 2.76 inches. Or you can opt for the Twist PM model, which is somewhere in between as far as size is concerned, 7.1 x 5.1 x 3.5 inches. Apart from the different sizes, all three models have the exact same features, from the Epi leather to the cowhide-leather trim.

More than meets the eye

One thing you will absolutely love about the Twist MM is the intelligent design. A traditional envelope bag is supposed to be flat, yet you still need to carry some of your things in the bag. The bottom of the bag has a smart wave design, which allows you to fit in more than just your phone and credit cards. Not much more, obviously, as this is not a travel bag, but you will be able to slip at least a compact make-up case and your sunglasses inside.

At the same time, the bag has a large inside pocket so you can organize your stuff and find anything easily. A very nice touch is the flat pocket with a removable mirror – you never know when you need one!

A versatile handbag

The Twist MM is designed to be your day-to-evening companion and if we only look at the celebrities sporting this bag on their shoulder it’s easy to see you can take your lovely LV everywhere – when you go shopping, at the restaurant or when you travel, after all, it’s big enough to hold your passport and credit cards. What more do you need?

The sliding chain strap comes in very handy as you adjust it and make it short enough for shoulder carry or it can be lengthened so you can wear the bag at hip level or cross-body style.

Which one should you choose?

The Twist MM handbag comes in four colors and they’re all gorgeous. If you want something classic, you can go for the black model, which is just perfect for a formal dress or a pantsuit. A black LV bag is the ideal accessory for the elegant smart woman.

On the other hand, the other colors are to die for. Take, for instance, the Rose Ballerine – the delicate pink shade would go great with a flowery dress or a casual jeans and T-shirt outfit. It’s such a discreet color it complements anything you might want to wear on a beautiful spring day.

If you want something more vibrant you can choose between the Coquelicot and the Cherry Berry because sometimes you need a touch of color in your dress and red it’s just perfect to contrast a classical unicolor outfit. A red handbag never fails to catch the eye, and when you’re wearing a Louis Vuitton you want everybody to notice that.

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