Watch Factories

There are certain popular factories to choose from and not all ‘good’ factories are the popular ones. Some of the smaller factories specialize in one or two watches but they are GOOD. The factories in total release probably 2-10 new models every week (granted lots are shitty).
The way factories work, from what I’ve read, is that someone who wants to make a watch will order dials from a dial plant, cases from a manufacturer who specializes in case making, etc, and then receive ‘proofs’. Once they approve of the proofs, they will then order batches of 100-500 and manually assemble the pieces (dial, case, hands, date disc, movements, straps, buckles, etc).

This is not easy stuff and usually they know what they are doing. When a watch is out of stock, it can be out of stock forever.

ZF / Z+F: High quality factory for most non-Rolex watches. Overall a good factory with solid releases. Just starting to branch into AP and RM, and they are pretty good.

Noob / N Factory: Noob factory is probably the most famous factory among others, they start a very long time ago and really developing their piece of replica. Noob is the master of Rolex model, especially Submariner, GMT master II, Deepsea, datejust and recently the just made a new version of Day-date, Daytona, and Yacht Master. Some of those flagship are really good with super-clone SA3135 movement, and they called it as V7 and now V8 with 904L steel. Besides Rolex, Noob also developing some brands like some Planet Ocean Omega, Blancpain, some Audemars Piguet models, and some Panerai model.

VSF/V6F/XF/HBB/KW: All fall under a common parent company, but VSF specializes in Omega super-reps and Panerai, V6F does quite a bit of projects (though the name isn’t used much nowadays) and XF focuses on Audemars Piguet. HBB does Roger Dubuis.

ARF/JF: JF is the brand name of AP reps. High quality, great detail, though ZF is showing them a run for their money these days. JF also makes middle-high tier Rolex watches among others. ARF is a division that focuses on high quality Rolex releases that focus on finishing.

ZZF: Quality releases recently for Rolex.

PPF: Supposedly family of ZF, but focused on Patek. Has the best current Nautilus

BP/GMF: BP is one of the OG rep factories. Has reps of most brands and models, and are at an affordable price. GMF seems to be a higher end brand focusing on finish, but sourcing from similar places.

MK/MKS: Focuses on IWC, Patek and Omega releases, though they have branched into other brands too.

TF: Specializes in tourbillons (hence “T” F), but most are 42mm and kind of thick.

GF: Originally started focusing on German watches (“G”F), but have branched into many other Swiss brands like JLC and Cartier. Creates ‘copy cat’ models for a bit cheaper, and sometimes surprises with improved details

FK: Makes quite a few reps, most are not very good or just barely miss the mark for one specific reason. However, their Breguet 5177 v3 watch is superb!!! So do not underestimate any release of theirs.

R Factory: Rolex

YLF: Connected to ZF, focuses on IWC

VRF: Specialized in the Rolex arena with an excellent sub, excellent new VR3135 movement, and gold wrapped subs too.

OMF: Focuses on middle tier quality and prices, but recently have high quality Omega releases

PF: Revolutionized the Nautilus market with the first thin Nautilus. However, they were recently outdone by PPF. Focused on Patek, but have other releases.

3K: Newer factory (as of 2020) that released a clone Patek movement.

JJF: Focused on Vacheron and Patek releases, came out with the great Overseas rep.

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