FL Factory [Enamel Craft] PP Patek Philippe Classic Watch Series 5077P-103 Bhutan Eight Color Fabric Men's Belt Watch

 FL Enamel Factory is specially created for the application of classic inheritance and rare crafts. Launched the 5089 series, the only real micro-painted enamel product in the reproduction industry (for details of the enamel production process, please refer to the watermark-free video: https://v.qq.com/txp/iframe/player.html?vid=y3115348e6p) , Then launched the high-value carved 5088 black enamel series, and the contrasting color 5077 series real enamel will also be on sale soon, accept orders!
Patek Philippe 5077P-102 is officially named "Bhutan Six Color Fabric", while 5077P-103 is named "Bhutan Eight Color Fabric". The design is inspired by the traditional dyeing and weaving culture of Bhutan, the Buddhist kingdom on the eastern edge of the Himalayas. The textiles and geometric patterns on the dial are perfectly combined and lined with sparkling gold in soothing natural tones of red and blue.
The elegant and versatile Calatrava engraved case is very individual. The 38.6 mm watch is adapted to the size of the public male, which is very business or casual. The movement is the ultimate replica of the Patek Philippe Cal.240 movement, equipped with a customized version of the original two-needle Pearl Tuo movement, which can greatly reduce the failure rate. The movement contains a total of 315 parts, 12 splints, 45 jewels, a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, and a maximum power reserve of up to 48 hours.
The process of making enamel dials is very complicated and cannot be fully stated here. For details, you can browse various popular science materials on the Internet. FL solemnly promise: The 5077 and 5089 series products sold by our factory are all real enamel products drawn by hand under a high-power microscope, and then calcined layer by layer through a large open flame. The gold wire on the dial is 999 real gold material, and the process is synchronized. Authentic. Welcome friends from all walks of life to taste together (support all kinds of identification).

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