FL factory [enamel process] PP Patek Philippe Classic Watch Series 5077P Notre Dame's stone monster men's belt watch

FL enamel factory new product: Patek Philippe 5077P micro-painted enamel series watch "The stone monster of Notre Dame de Paris" finished pattern reduction can reach more than 95%, dial technology synchronization authentic reduction degree has reached 100%! The product craftsmanship is the same as the current vibrato clock expresses the same craftsmanship as "Da Neng Enamel", and the finished product supports any authoritative organization to verify the authenticity.
The Notre Dame de Paris (Notre Dame de Paris) that encountered the fire has become the focus of discussion around the world. Over 800 years of history, it has witnessed countless exciting and sighing moments. It can be said that it is not just a church, but also a memory of human beings. Treasure. In the Patek Philippe Rare Handcrafts series, this design is inspired by the limited edition watch of Notre Dame de Paris, which is of great commemorative significance. The elegant and versatile Calatrava round case is extremely low-key. The 38.6 mm watch is adapted to the size of the public male, which is very business or casual. The movement is the ultimate replica of the Cal.240 movement, equipped with a customized version of the original two-needle Pearl Tuo movement, which can greatly reduce the failure rate. The movement contains a total of 315 parts, 12 splints, 45 jewels, a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, and a maximum power reserve of up to 48 hours.
To make a micro-painted enamel dial, you need to use a mink-like brush (about ½ of a human hair) and use a high-power microscope to magnify as an auxiliary tool for painting. Each painting layer must be baked at a high temperature (about 800°) to let the color Continue to increase until it emits a dazzling brilliance. During the production, the weight of the brush strokes, the change of the paint, and the temperature settings in different steps may cause the dial to become discolored, cracked, deformed, and pores, and the scrap rate is extremely high. The finished micro-painted enamel dial is not afraid of any years of baptism, and can maintain the beauty of the moment when it is baked, and it will not oxidize for 10,000 centuries. This is why once the watch involves the micro-painting enamel process, even the simple function of the watch will sell for a sky-high price.
The process of making enamel dials is very complicated and cannot be fully stated here. For details, you can browse various popular science materials on the Internet. FL Enamel Factory promises that every dial it sells is drawn by hand under a high-power microscope, and then it is a real enamel dial that is calcined layer by layer through a large open flame. The craftsmanship is the same as the genuine one. Each finished product is the same as the original product, unique! The endangered micro-painting enamel craftsmanship is meticulously crafted by the FL factory, and the classics are reproduced. Welcome all watch friends and big coffees in the watch industry to taste (can be tested).

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