RMX factory RICHARD MILLE Richard Mille (Richard Miller) RM35-02 3502 carbon fiber case men's rubber strap watch

[RMX Factory2021 new masterpiece and new forces] The benefits of the modified watch "Richard De, one of the world-renowned watches, sought after by many well-known celebrities at home and abroad" The ultimate version of the authentic copy of RMX has launched the ultimate version of RM35-02, which fixes all defects and the most There is no perfect copy.

1⃣️This watch uses the same carbon fiber composite material that is the same as the original product. The overall details are consistent with the original product. The accessories can be interchanged with the original product. You can view the actual shots. There is no reason to refuse to buy!

2⃣️Genuine NTPT pattern: cloud-shaped broken pattern, sea wave pattern, RMX product is the same as the genuine product, each watch has its own pattern, which can achieve the authentic effect!

3⃣️ Movement: A custom-made modified genuine movement, without front gear function or gear color matching the original, each movement has undergone 72 hours of simulation testing.

4⃣️Bridge-shaped glass: Using Swiss special grade sapphire material, the hardness is the same as the original product, and the upper and lower layers of the glass are coated with an anti-glare blue film surface.

5⃣️The hands of the watch are made of Swiss needle technology: the red tail of the big seconds and three-dimensional red tail has a green super luminous, and the hour and minute hand also has a green super luminous. The hour, minute and second size matches the original size. It is also the benefit of selling second-hand products. The original can be exchanged due to the process flow of the hand Explain the complexity one by one!

6⃣️The original model of the strap: Made of imported rubber from Vietnam, the size is the same as the genuine product, soft, comfortable and durable.

7⃣️The clasp is made of imported materials, which is more expensive than domestic materials, the material is super hard, and the processing technology is also complicated!

The details cannot be clearly expressed one by one, you can watch the real shot pictures to compare the genuine ones. Pursuing perfection in perfection, RMX completes your dream of a genuine Richard!

RMX Factory welcomes your tasting and comparison!