3K Factory [Best Nautilus] PP Patek Philippe Sport Elegant Series 5711/1A 010 Watch

WY-3K Nautilus launched an upgraded version of the original machine with no noise lettering.
Detailed upgrade interpretation:
1. The upgraded movement is all finely carved, clear and not worn, and the texture is perfect.
2. Upgrading the automatic rotor, adopting Swiss ultra-precision bearings, the industry's unprecedented installation process of the rotor. Achieve 100% noise reduction.
3. The original movement, no fake clamps, no fake balance wheel, no fake rubies. The WY-3k factory completely re-engraved the 3.3mm out-of-print high-quality 324SC movement.
4. The dial scale was upgraded to be super bright, and the overall brightness was harmonious and consistent.
5. Nautilus classic blue plate, the current improvement of the color consistent with the original, slashes the details and workmanship of the dial of other factories.
6. Each watch in the calendar window is in the horizontal position, and there is no oblique obstruction.
7. Repeatedly debug the smoothness of the head adjustment gear to the best condition. Makes the upgraded version of the grenade adjust the time and feel smooth on the chain.
8. The thickness of the entire watch is upgraded to 8.3 mm, which perfectly realizes the thinnest mechanical watch in the entire network, which is equivalent to the original thickness. Very comfortable to wear.
9. Emphasize that the 324Sc movement adjusts the calendar clockwise, that is, adjusts the calendar from top to bottom. Note that the identification is consistent with the genuine product.
10. When adjusting the time, pull the crown to second gear. The big second hand does not stop. It is the same as the genuine product.
The WY-3K factory produced the Patek Philippe 5711 Nautilus, an upgraded version of the original machine with no noise lettering. Explosive models that will dominate the entire network in 2021! ! ! !
Movement: Re-engraved Cal.324 SC automatic mechanical movement
Size: 40mm thickness 8.3mm
Mirror: Sapphire mirror
Material: stainless steel
Strap: stainless steel
Clasp: folding clasp

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