3K Factory PP Patek Philippe AQUANAUT Grenade Series 5168G-010 Watch

WY-3K launches market exclusive movement! ! ! Upgrade the original machine with noiseless lettering version.
Detailed upgrade interpretation:
1. The upgraded movement is all finely carved, clear and non-wearing, and the texture is to the extreme.
2. Upgrading the automatic rotor, adopting Swiss ultra-precision bearings, and the unprecedented installation technique of the rotor in the industry. Achieve 100% noise reduction.
3. The original movement, no fake clamps, no fake balance wheel, no fake rubies. 3k factory completely re-engraved the 3.3 mm out-of-print high-quality 324SC movement.
4. Upgraded dial Arabic numerals luminous super bright, and the overall harmony and synchronization of brightness.
5. Upgraded imported rubber strap, feel and visual effects are comparable to the original. In the case of extreme cold and high temperature, it maintains anti-corrosion, deodorization, durable wear and corrosion resistance.
6. Each watch in the calendar window is in the horizontal position, and there is no oblique obstruction.
7. Repeatedly debug the smoothness of the head adjustment gear to the best condition. Make the adjustment time of the upgraded version of grenade and the hand feel smooth.
8. The thickness of the whole watch is upgraded to 8.3 mm, which perfectly realizes the thinnest mechanical watch in the whole network, which is equivalent to the original thickness. Very comfortable to wear.
9. Upgraded the Patek Philippe logo on the buckle, perfectly aligned. There is no offset and shifting situation.
The Patek Philippe 5168 grenade produced by WY-3K factory is an upgraded version of the original machine with no noise lettering. Dominate the entire network in 2021
Movement: 3K self-produced Cal.324c automatic mechanical movement
Size: 42mm
Mirror: Sapphire mirror
Material: stainless steel
Strap: Rubber strap
Clasp: folding clasp