ABF Factory [Full Diamond] FM Franck Muller (France Muller) Vanguard Series V45 SC DT Men's Watch

ABF upgraded version of V45, the highest quality Franck Muller 44×54 mm1. The case is 100% original, especially the black side grooves on the inner side of the sandwich structure case and the black ears protruding from the head position make the case even more so The production process is more difficult and it took more than 10 months. After many initial proofreading, it was finally successfully developed and produced
. 1. It is made of 316 stainless steel instead of low-cost plastic molds in the market
. 2. This version of V45 literal true francs are all original. 1:1 height of the digital concave edge, roasted in French francs, high cost, low yield, and low yield. The lower layer has a magnifying glass, gasket layer, and the calendar window is also made of sapphire magnifying glass. It always maintains the same requirements as the original one
. Like the original version, the structure can be disassembled to maximize the restoration of the original product and can be used in common with the original product
. 4. The diamond-encrusted buckle adopts the original version of the mold and the original V45 gypsophila. The buckle is more convenient to wear. The folding button is used to match the original version.
5. The curved needle and the literal fit 2824 movement with a high frequency amplitude of 28800 are accurate and stable. The curved case design is close to the wrist.
6. The upgraded version of the steel head calendar is high-quality rubber. The strap is softer and more comfortable. The only version on the market that can be used for the original watch strap welcomes your tasting.

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