AR Factory [40mm] Rolex Gray Yacht-Master Series m126622-0001 Gray Plate Red Needle Steel Band Men's Watch

 AR super masterpiece Rolex Yacht-Master super imported 904L yacht-master 40mm "solid needle shaft" 3135 movement series
Strongest feature
1: equipped with 3135 solid needle shaft movement
2: watchband and case are all imported 904 steel casting Finished (the strongest polished and polished details on the market)
3: The strongest buckle inside and outside fine processing (definitely worthy of careful tasting and comparison)
4: AR ring and genuine stamping down (make the ring and The edges are seamless and flat)
5: The literal color and radial pattern process are basically the same as the original product [fist][拳头][拳头]
6: It is equipped with authentic overseas purchasing packaging materials The
strongest version of YM-Yacht series [AR products]

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