AZ Factory [Kinetic Energy Display] OMEGA De Ville 424. Belt Formal Watch

AZ shocked the production of the OMEGA Diefly series of multi-function watches, bringing major technological breakthroughs-not only the perfect realization of all the functions of the genuine product, but also the size and thickness are the same as the original (the exclusive thickness of the market is the same as the genuine product).
[Case] ​​The size of the watch is 39.5X12.5mm. The simple and elegant case has been polished and moisturized by AZ watchmakers, giving it an eye-catching and invincible texture. The 4 lugs have a slight curvature, and the details of the case are slightly chamfered, which brings a perfect wearing experience almost the same as the original one.
[Movement] The Asian customized version of CAL.2627 movement is adopted, which not only has the same thickness as the original product, but also realizes the hour, minute and second (second hand at nine o'clock) date and kinetic energy storage function.
[Watch strap buckle] It is also the most advanced replica on the market. The strap has a separate mold, and the version is aligned with the original version-thick in the middle, flat on the side, hand stitched, exquisite and compact. With Omega-style classic pin buckle.
AZ products must be high-quality products because of their care!

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