BBR Factory [Tourbillon] Cartier ROTONDE DE CARTIER series W155616 watch

[New BBR Factory 2020] The ROTONDE DE CARTER series is extraordinary. Model: W155616 and W1556215 watches! BBR's revolutionary and innovative technology, meticulously polished for three years, the exclusive floating Cartier integrated tourbillon!
1. Precisely reproduce the original version, 41 mm in diameter and 10.6 mm in thickness! The size, thickness, and structure are the same as the original.
2. The crystal adopts the original sapphire crystal glass of the same grade.
3. The crown is the same as the original one. It is inlaid with a blue gemstone. The gemstone is round and full of color. It can reflect the principle design of Cartier brand at a glance.
4. The pointer is consistent with the original version. The sword-shaped stainless steel pointer made by high-temperature calcination is extremely accurate and non-inferior-quality coating.
5. The guilloché engraving in the center of the dial is still delicate and round under the light.
6. The leather strap imported from Italy is matched with Cartier's classic three-dimensional folding buckle to restore the correct original buckle.
7. The exclusive re-engraving of the 9452MC tourbillon integrated machine in the market restores the true nature of the tourbillon. BBR ingenuity masterpiece welcomes your tasting

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