BBR Factory V3 Roger Dubuis Excalibur King Series Ultra-thin Skeleton Tourbillon Watch Model: RDDBEX0393

The return of the king. BBR honored to launch a new upgraded version of the king series tourbillon watch. Model RDDBEX0392. As a BBR watchmaker, first of all, I would like to thank all the watch lovers who support us. Re-engraved watches always have some indispensable places, but we try our best to perfect the insufficient details. The new research and development of the Roger Dubuis King series tourbillon movement, relying on the advantages of the research and development movement, successfully cloned the RD505SQ hollow one-piece tourbillon movement (other versions not on the market are comparable to the plywood movement)
1⃣️: It is the most concerned issue of many watch friends. The Roger Dubuis V2 version of the BBR factory has an extra gold gear. And the balance wheel does not have a weight device? (Yes, the previous version is? ️ These two major shortcomings) This upgrade will relieve the worries of watch lovers. A: Refer to the original RD505SQ movement, a newly developed hollow tourbillon movement, the outline and wheel gap of the movement Consistent with the original, (unless one more gold gear is dropped) the balance wheel is upgraded to a weight device, the movement simulation degree reaches as high as 98%, and each movement has a unique code (the only version in the market)
2⃣️ Sapphire: The mirror surface is upgraded to ultra-transparent blue-coated crystal glass. 3⃣️ Watch hands: It is specially stated that regardless of the official website or the original picture, the hands are hollowed out. You can search the Roger Dubuis official website to find out. The BBR factory hands are only for the version. About this upgrade is the needle uranium: before the upgrade, it was a parallel needle shaft, and after the upgrade, it was the same as the original needle uranium.
Summary: The BBR factory makes every effort to perfect the shortcomings, make the details more perfect, and make the watch closer to the original. Become the benchmark for Roger Dubuis tourbillon re-enactment (this is the real king) Thank you again for your support [holding] [holding].

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