Breitling Aviation Chronograph 1 Series AB01212B1C1X1 Watch from V9 Factory

 V9 Breitling Aviation Chronograph 1 Series B01 Aviation Special Edition Watch (Black Face-Swissair, White Face-TWA TWA, Blue Face-Pan Am), this is Breitling’s first capsule series, which was launched in April 2019. Launched in major Breitling stores. All three watches are equipped with a two-way rotating bezel, equipped with the famous circular flying slide rule, which can perform all-round calculations related to flight navigation. The V9 factory made a lot of money to start with the original. Through disassembly one by one, each part was re-analyzed and opened to ensure a degree of reduction of more than 95%. The current market is truly comparable to the original Breitling chronograph copy. The diameter is 43mm * 15mm thick. It is equipped with Shanghai 7750 chronograph mechanical automatic movement, handmade Crazy Horse leather strap, unique straight hands give the watch a classic dynamic appearance and a very modern interpretation. Reason for purchase:
1. High-end niche, the style is to commemorate the three major commercial airlines in the 1970s, there is no wings beside the LOGO, and the transparent watermark design is not easy to collide with the table, and the force is greatly improved;
2. The function is the same, with the two-way rotating bezel and the famous circular flying sliding scale as the original, as well as the cumulative timing function;
3. Consistent literal, although the literal is complicated, the scale and font content are more, but thanks to the benefits of the original mold, every detail is not missed, the font size, position and clarity are exactly the same, and the degree of restoration is extremely high;
4. The mirror surface is transparent. The mirror surface is not only scratch-resistant, but also extremely transparent. It looks like there is no mirror surface from all angles, which is more convenient for reading.

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