GB Factory HUBLOT Hublot [Hengbao] Big Bang Big Bang series men's diamond tape watch

GB Factory does not forget the original heart and keeps the quality in mind. 2019 new V3 upgrade Hublot HUBLOT HUBLOT BIG BANG series UNICO45MM big bang watch equipped with Hublot unique HUB 1242 Unico chronograph movement manual disassembly strap double sapphire glass, structured rubber watch with lining With, hollow literal design, the Arabic numeral scales and pointers on the dial are very conspicuous. The super mechanical texture is clear and easy to read. The pointers and scales have a luminous function. Ring mouth can choose: Kelly ring / round diamond ring / ceramic ring / full diamond shell! If you like personality, you can choose at will! Whether it is material or artistic concept, HB watches can give people a refreshing feeling. Hublot has set off a revolution in modern watchmaking technology. If you love it, start detoxification quickly! The top replica models of GB Factory's ingenuity are worthy of your appreciation!

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