GL Factory Glashütte Original Senator Series 100-04-32-15-04 Moon Phase Big Date Watch

[The ultimate technological breakthrough for the GL Gera factory for three years] The
perfect realization of the true moon phase function of Senator Glashütte's big calendar❗️❗️Knock the
point! Click the key point ❗️❗️
1★ True moon phase ★ consistent with the original version, the moon phase function is adjusted by the left button (Note: other factory versions have a 24-hour function, the left button has no actual function)
2 ★ Real big calendar ★ The big calendar is consistent with the original The right button adjusts to realize the double jump of the big calendar (Note: other factory versions adjust the calendar through the crown, and the calendar is too small. The function does not match)
3 ★Literal ★After N adjustments, the original literal pearlescent white effect is perfectly realized. The literal literal is dotted in the sun Reflective
4★The balance wheel position is 6 o’clock position. It is the same as the original version. The balance wheel positions of other factory versions are mostly at 12 o’clock and 9 o’clock position.
5★ Movement ★ Based on the 9015 movement, the quality of the functional movement is more stable. The clipped version is a perfect reproduction of the original
6★The thickness is 11.4MM★It is consistent with the original version. Most of the other factory versions are above 12.5MM. The overall vision is thicker. The
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