HW Factory 2021 New 33mm Chopard Chopard HAPPY SPORT Happy Diamond Series Watch

 2021 new Chopard Happy Diamond
counter latest size 33mm!
HW factory produces happy and worry-free!
The Swiss shell factory restores the authentic 1:1 shell with natural sapphire, polished the head, and every detail of the happy diamond with the shell is perfectly restored!
Chopard Chopard’s classic masterpiece-Happy Sport timepieces are changed into festive festive costumes and presents a gorgeous dance implying auspiciousness. The graceful dial reflects the current trend of sports fashion and complements the bright starlight of the stars. The 33mm diameter case inspired by the golden ratio and 5 smart diamonds are gorgeously flying in the middle. This Happy Sport watch is equipped with red And black crocodile leather strap, equipped with imported 9039 movement, restore the original design without a calendar! The movement is stable and zero rework!
It's as hot as fire, eye-catching, and reveals a unique personality. In this magnificent theater, boldly affirm with pretty and gorgeous colors, ignite enthusiasm, and embrace. The Happy Sport watch has witnessed Chopard's commitment to sustainable development of luxury goods. The dial is warm and shiny, reflecting the ever-changing light. The alligator leather strap surrounds the wrist and the sapphire head inlaid on the crown becomes the finishing touch of this exquisite timepiece. It is stunning, with 5 dazzling beauty. Diamonds,
the perfect proportions of the Happy Sport watch , which guard the lucky timepiece, echo each other. The 33 mm diameter case draws inspiration from the golden ratio, and the case fits tightly. The neatly shaped and impeccable case provides an ideal space for the brilliant diamonds to whirl and dance in the Crimson Theater. Let the slogan "Be Happy" be integrated into the lucky timepiece!

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