IPK Factory【BLANKE Modification】Rolex Rolex Greenwich Type II Series Watch

IPK-the latest masterpiece of the top refitting factory, the first launch of the Black Samurai style of Lawys Greenwich, a strong attack
using the Super 3186 movement. It can retrograde calendar. Integrated ceramic outer ring. Red and blue ring non-market spliced ​​outer ring. Satisfy the players to Greenwich Blaken All requirements for version modification!
Appearance: size 40mm*12.35, made of 904L stainless steel, the shell texture is invincible, the high-gloss black DLC diamond carbon coating retains the polished layer of the strap and adds a darker texture.
Literal: black enamel material with higher reduction degree, Independently opened mold. R-shaped grinding. Scale Ding, Switzerland imported luminous powder, so that the literal process details even surpass the original BLAKEN products. Among them, the strips are polished by hand, with superb craftsmanship and full of heart!
Movement: Super 3186 movement all-in-one machine most recognized by new players. It supports retrograde calendar. It greatly improves the stability, and the winding feel and watch functions are perfectly restored. Genuine
mirror: high-transparent sapphire crystal, double-sided coating, special The magnifying window of the calendar is also coated, it is extremely delicate, and the hardness can reach 9 on the Mohs level.
Outer ring: The black outer ring is made of blacker. Imported ceramic powder. Firing, the outer ring is integrated production, platinum filled with bright white and texture. Among them, the coke ring is the favorite style of the players. The integrated firing outer ring developed by IPK, no longer have to worry about the black lines on the scales of 18 and 6.
After-sales: Every IPK is a product of conscience facing the modified players. After-sales is equipped with a strong team of masters, so that your watch will have a dedicated follow-up and lightning repair in case of any problems facing the after-sales. The preference of IPK craftsmen for modding players.
Movement: replica 3186 automatic mechanical movement
Size: 40mm thickness 12.35mm
Mirror: Sapphire mirror
Ring mouth: ceramic
Material: 904L stainless steel DLC diamond carbon coating
Strap: 904L stainless steel DLC diamond carbon coating
Clasp: 904L stainless steel DLC diamond carbon coated folding buckle

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