JB Factory【Tourbillon】RICHARD MILLE Richard Mille RM052 RM52-01 Skull Carbon Fiber Tourbillon Men's Rubber Strap Watch

The JB Richard Mille RM52-01 true tourbillon reinterprets the essence of the RICHARD MILLE skull, breaking through multiple versions of the BUG, ​​allowing the majority of iron fans to have ultra-high copies of the right size, real movement, and accurate details. Reasons for starting:
1. Length, width and thickness: 49.8*44.3*16.4mm;
2. Real bearing: the ruby ​​in the skull's mouth is the real bearing of the tourbillon, not a decoration. The gem corresponds to the center axis of the tourbillon wrapped in the upper and lower jaws, as if Swallow the energy ball, so that the original sci-fi mood can be expressed;
3. The details are in place: the inner wall of the left side of the inner cover of the case is printed with the same RM052 stamp as the original, the size and depth of the right eye gear is close to the original, and the center of the forehead is rosy and translucent. , Frosted buckle, imported Thai raw material rubber strap;
4. Movement alignment: Thanks to the same size and position of the tourbillon as the original one, you can clearly see the tourbillon coaxial with gems from the back of the skull. During the operation of the flywheel, when viewed from the front, the black balance wheel is just blocked by the jaw of the skeleton, leaving only the escape wheel swimming under the skull;
5. Internal and external repair: The movement is a real tourbillon movement customized by Shanghai Movement Factory. A watch is run through a high-strength simulator QE, and it is additionally waterproof.
JB Factory——Be more attentive with the core! This is another masterpiece after the double tourbillon, RM001, Roger Dubuis King, RM053, Rolex Tourbillon, classic fusion! . 

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