JH Factory V2 Edition [Carbon Fiber] ROLEX Rolex Cosmic Chronograph Daytona Series Diw Team Transformation Edition

 JH’s new product, ingenuity and dream, is not only the carbon fiber customized version of the Universe Chronograph Daytona series. The [V2 version] watch is not only light and hard to wear. And each watch has a unique carbon fiber pattern.
[Case] ​​Upgrade the carbon fiber material of the case without sand holes, and the texture is clearer and more obvious. The size of the watch is 40mm
[Bracelet buckle] The upgraded strap has a fixed head grain shape that is more fit, more beautiful, breathable and comfortable, and soft in texture.
[Movement] The precise and mature Shanghai 7750 movement is used to perfectly realize the authentic and powerful functions.
JH craftsmanship cast carbon fiber Rolex The unique style. The market exclusively uses Japanese imported materials to create a full carbon fiber case with nanotechnology. The case body will not have fine holes. The ring including the bottom cover are made of high-composite carbon fiber and super luminous powder. The details are made by hand chamfering and polishing. Extraordinary texture, created by JH ingenuity

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