KZ Factory Rolex Cellini series m50535-0002 moon phase alligator leather watch

The highest version of the KZ Factory market, the highest replica Rolex Super Cellini is coming!
1KZ Factory surpasses all directions, the best version of natural meteorite moon phase Cellini.
2The blue hairspring version of the customized Cal.3195 movement truly achieves the same functions as the original version!|
3With the American dark brown alligator leather strap, it restores the unique wide sword belt tailoring of Rolex!
4Sapphire glass mirror with double-sided coating!
5Exclusive packaging for genuine Rolex belt models, special moon phase adjustment tool.
6 One table, one number and one card, better, just to break through KZ Factory!
KZ's craftsmanship welcomes friends from all walks of life to taste! 

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