N Factory V11 Version Rolex Rolex Submariner Series 116613-LN-97203 Black Disc Blackwater Ghost Diving Watch

NOOB Submariner V11 version of the water ghost is coming, especially the ring mouth of the green water ghost 116610LV is full of sincerity. The entire ceramic ring is reborn and fired according to a brand-new formula and temperature. The color under the naked eye is no different from the original, and it is completely crushed. All versions on the market. Due to cost reasons, the price will be much higher than the Blackwater Ghost 116610LN. In addition, two exclusive technologies, [Sapphire Luminous Stone] and [One-Key Snap Button] are realized.
Upgrade focus:
1. [Chaotic green circle] A comprehensive analysis of the composition of the original Cerachrom green ceramic outer ring, the technology of coating nano-alloy coloring and ceramic coloring with silica, and finally determined that the temperature is between 1100 and 1250 degrees Celsius after different temperatures. system. Years of experience in factory N and the painstaking efforts of many engineers finally showed everyone a palace-level green circle. It is difficult for professionals to distinguish the authenticity under the naked eye, which completely crushed all the current versions in the market.
2. [Sapphire Luminous Stone] Exclusive technology, the sapphire mirror is installed on the outer layer of the luminous stone, and it is difficult to install the mirror in the diameter of only 3mm. Through high-precision advanced equipment, it is successfully completed. The same scratch-resistant night pearl as the original. Once again, he turned the tide and proved the power of the N factory.
3. [The outer scale does not turn black] The scale on the ring mouth adopts physical vapor deposition technology, and platinum powder is coated on the font at high temperature to make the font color durable, and it will not fade or turn black when it meets water and oil.
4. [One-click snap buckle] The outer safety buckle of the buckle is the same as the original one. Just hold the inside of the buckle with your finger and press the buckle body with another finger, and the outer safety buckle can be automatically opened. It is also an exclusive technology in the entire market.
5. [Inner buckle ring mouth] The ceramic sheet and the ring mouth base are combined by an inner buckle method, instead of small factory or low version double-sided adhesive bonding.
6. [Literal texture upgrade] The luminous stone of the literal scale round nails is full but not overflowing, and the Lassa is more delicate than before
7. [Accessories General Original] All original accessories imported from Germany are used for CNC scanning, one-to-one exchange of all accessories with original accessories, including case, ring, bottom cover, inner cover, raw ears, strap, watch buckle.
8. [Imported 904L steel] The case and strap of the watch are made of imported high-component 904L stainless steel. Not a few manufacturers use 316 to affix a label to pretend to be, which is truly strong in hardness, high in density, corrosion-resistant and anti-scratch.
Size: 40mm
Mirror: Sapphire mirror
Functions: hour, minute, second, calendar
Case: 904 steel
Strap: 904 steel
Ring mouth: ceramic ring
Clasp: Oyster-style folding clasp 

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