N Factory [Youth Edition V2] Rolex Rolex Submariner Series 116613-LN-97203 Black Water Ghost Diving Watch

N Factory Youth Edition (N-YOUTH) is a golden nigga, multiple benefits, the most cost-effective, no copywriting party
1. Shell cover: The shell shape designed according to the latest version of the mold, continues the N factory's pursuit of shell shapes for many years , The electroplating color is exclusively adjusted to the color of real gold and is not easy to decolorize.
2. Literality: the strongest alternative literal, the chamfer of the strips polishes the visual sense of the genuine product, and the font is printed in three-dimensional and appropriate thickness.
3. Pointer: The pointer is finely polished and sharp, the workmanship is meticulous under the magnifying glass, and the exclusive special 18K gold electroplating, so that the pointer color can be compared to the authentic product
4. Strap: The strap is made by the latest technology, and the gold part adopts special electroplating process special adjustment 18K The golden counterpart is really golden and not easy to decolorize.
5. Clasp: The folding clasp opens and closes crisply and comfortably, and the slider of the fine-tuning device increases the damping effect.
The youth version, youthful vitality, does not flinch in the face of doubt. Insist on cost performance and quality. 

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