N Factory [Youth Edition V2] Rolex Rolex Submariner Series 116613LB-97203 Blue Disc Watch (Golden Blue Water Ghost)

Factory N has returned to its passionate years and started the battle of honor! Launched the full series of Submariners-N Factory Pinnacle Creation Youth Edition [also the father of all current versions of cost-effectiveness] rings, dials, pointers and other accessories, in response to the call, glory reorganization.【Super Dial】
1.12 metal luminous brackets are all trimmed with manual chamfering.
2. The light and shade of the background color under different light is exactly like a genuine product.
3. Use the highest level of luminous materials
【Solid Bottom Shaft】
1. Do not talk about cracking the original craftsmanship, but the appearance is treated equally.
[Super God bezel]
1. The color of the ring mouth is
black as black as ink,
green emerald is beautiful and
blue is gorgeous and eye-catching
2. It is made by one-piece molding process, and the edges of the scale have a chamfering effect.
3. The scale is filled with platinum effect, which can refer to the original Swiss factory.
4. There is absolutely no blackening and discoloration (you can wipe it gently with a toothbrush after wearing it for a long time)
Gather the essence of N Factory for ten years to reshape the youthful vitality of water ghosts. More exciting details, all in hindsight! 

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