NR Factory [36mm Quartz] Chopard Chopin HAPPY SPORT Happy Diamond Series 278582-6007 Watch

 NR adds new works...nr factory focuses on the research and development of Chopard's Happy Diamond Series: has been imitated and never surpassed by
Chopin's Happy Diamonds. HAPPY DIAMONDS, as Chopard's most popular and best-selling series, has always interpreted Chopard with delicate techniques. The concept of iconic smart diamonds, this series of works are soft and fashionable. It is said that men and women wearing Chopin have gold (to make money) and diamonds (to make money) have a good meaning. The diamond ball in the dial can slide and rotate freely, and the choice of large 5 diamonds will run the wealth and luck, so that every woman will surprise the world with the most charming shape.
The Chopard Happy Diamond series brought to you this time
is the most representative watch of Chopin's most
distinctive laminated glass with 3 diamonds
. Spinning is like a dance
|. It can be said to be a gospel for women’s watches
with a blue balloon. Except the home of classic watches
This Happy Sport stainless steel watch is stylish and gentle. The
iconic active diamonds dance happily, with brilliance,
smooth shape, dynamic case
and modern silver dial. It
perfectly reflects Chopard's interpretation of casual style.
Standard America Alligator leather strap
Dial diameter large quartz: 36mm
Movement: Swiss quartz movement
Size: 36mm
Mirror: Sapphire mirror
Material: stainless steel
Strap: Alligator leather
Clasp: pin buckle

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