OM Factory OMEGA Seamaster Ocean Universe 600m Chronograph Series Men's Diving Watch

OM's most ocean universe and universe legend 600m [V3] is grandly launched, it is the highest version of the chronograph on the market, all functions and appearance are the same as the original version??? om ingenious work???
[1] Upgraded ceramic dial calendar window is more three-dimensional,
[2] The orange rubber in the circle mouth is fuller, flatter and more lifelike, and the silver-gray font in the circle mouth never fades.
【3】Upgrading the watch with the head bead can be moved independently and more closely and smartly. The font on the bottom of the watch with the head bead is the same as the original version.
[4] The bottom of the upgraded buckle can be movably pushed and lengthened.
[5] The craftsmanship is complex, originality, and original products 1:1 mold opening. OM products are professional because of their hard work. You deserve to be embraced
Size: 45.5mm
Mirror: Sapphire
Movement: Re-engraved 9900 movement, consistent function

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