TF factory Breitling Avenger series V13317101B1X1 hour watch night mission series

The latest work of TF (Technology Factory), the Breitling BREITLING Avenger Chronograph Night Mission Series,
still upholds the original quality and the top workmanship. It is highly recommended!
[Diameter] 45MM, synchronous genuine size
[strap] The high and low density nylon canvas strap is exactly the same as the genuine strap, regardless of material or details.
[Movement] The movement adopts an excellent 7750 chronograph movement. In order to optimize the stability of the 7750, each movement has been carefully selected to achieve the best possible movement stability.
[Shell cover] The shell cover still upholds the original quality of the shell embryo. Whether it is from the selection of steel, the precision of the design drawings, or the standardization of the overall processing and the precision of polishing, every link of this is strictly required to produce. Just to achieve the highest degree of reduction and give consumers an attitude; the glass adopts the same anti-glare coating high-transparent sapphire glass as the original, and the blue light refracted at the same angle is highly maintained!
[Literal] The frosted texture of the dial is consistent with the original height, and the horizontal sandwich hour scale is adopted. It is not very difficult to re-engrave, but if you want to be careful, it is a must. The overall luminous uses Swiss-grade luminous powder.
All the accessories of TF can be interchanged with the genuine ones, which can be called the top replica! TF ingenuity, welcome to taste!
Size: 45mm
Mirror: Sapphire mirror
Functions: hour, minute, second, calendar, chronograph
Case: Titanium alloy
Strap: nylon canvas watch
Clasp: pin buckle

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