The V3S version of Constant nail-cut gold Russian clown is fully upgraded, the masterpiece of Russian clown watch master

TW Russian Joker [The highest version of V3S with real function and quick adjustment of the moon phase] Synchronize with the original version and achieve maximum success [No blind spots] Comprehensive upgrade ["Breakthrough" annual masterpiece of the watch industry] AHCI Independent Watchmaking Association Chairman Konstantin Chekin Konstantin Master Chaykin's ingenuity
[Technology breakthrough] The clown face with the changing expression on the dial , the turning eyes, the crazy face, and the spit out red tongue, the expression changes are very rich, the two eyes are respectively the indicator of the minute and the hour, and the moon phase display (smiling face), There are more than 20,000 face changes every day, unique design elements with humorous nature
[Case diameter 42mmX11.8mm and original synchronization] Use imported (automatic seiko machinery) watch self-made movement, 100% synchronized original version, stable travel time, strong quality. The fine CNC polishing of the side of the overall detail ring takes time and effort to adjust the mold several times to ensure that the charm and feeling can be comparable to the original, and satisfy all your beautiful feelings for the "smiling face" of the Russian clown .

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