TNK Factory Valbray EL1 "100 Years Limited" leica/Leica 100th Anniversary Watch

The new listing domain name produced by TNK is the "magician" in the watch industry, the "100-year limited" leica/Leica 100th Anniversary Valbray EL1 hand watch. Swiss watch manufacturer Valbray has integrated the lens aperture concept into the watch design and has ingeniously launched a series of " The “aperture” element of the watch Valbray adds an aperture-like structure called the Oculus system to the top of the dial. Just turn the watch to control the size of the “aperture”. When the “aperture” is fully open, you can see the other small dials hidden underneath. The original function of the same code counter movement 7750 automatic machinery 46mm diameter, atmospheric and fashionable, particularly eye-catching. There are multiple styles and colors with standard imported comfortable cowhide material. Simple original heart buckle

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