V7 factory [women's 37MM diamond ring] IWC Portofino series IW458107 watch

V7 Factory Seven Stars recommended the best female model Portofino 37mm extreme elegance, adding another top female watch to the industry
1. V7 factory female version of Portofino is the only version of the same model in the industry that dared to present true and false comparisons and evaluations. All the deficiencies of the existing versions on the market have been corrected. The structure and details are copied one by one according to the original, and the original is perfectly maintained after disassembly. Consistent, truly perfect clone.
2. This watch is simple and elegant, noble and exquisite. The V7 factory literal, pointer color and texture are all indistinguishable from the original male and female. The degree of restoration is really good, and it is still equipped with the original imported sapphire mirror with the transparency and synchronization to make it look perfect. Synchronize the original.
The details of the V7 factory have always been rigorous. The literal color, sun pattern and scale effect of this model are also impeccable when magnified, and its excellent calendar printing process is also undiminished, consistent with the original product.
3. High difficulty and high cost literal. The literal diamond nails on the periphery of the scale of this V7 factory make the watch more luxurious. The difficulty lies in the use of the same original base four-claw inlay technology, and the use of top-grade standard Swarovski spar. It is obviously different from the practice of attaching zircon to the ordinary base on the market, and its cost is several times that of the ordinary version on the market. The effect cannot be the same!
4. V7 also provides a stable version of Seagull 2892, whose appearance details are the same as the Swiss version.
The shape and size of the head and core are all professionally customized and original.
5. Thanks to the use of the synchronized original 2892 movement and the support of genuine mold openings, all the accessories of this watch from the V7 factory can be interchanged with the genuine ones, which is beyond the reach of other versions on the market. The inner image, the literal and the height of the hands are perfectly in line with the original, which solves some obvious flaws and shortcomings of the 9015 movement version on the market! And its timing and winding feel perfectly matches the original, and the calendar adjustment direction is also the original counterclockwise adjustment method, which avoids another major flaw.
The dense bottom design adds points to the perfection of the watch. The drawing of the V7 back cover and lettering are in place, which is perfectly restored.
6. V7 factory top case production process, its diameter, thickness, lines and radian are 100% original and gentle, and the chamfering and polishing are also in place. There are no dead angles at all angles.
7. The inside of the bottom cover does not cut corners, the lettering is synchronized with the original, including the details of the edge of the bottom cover, perfect restoration! Its split structure has no deviation from the original, and can be perfectly interchanged.
8. The V7 factory follows the top-level belt craft standard, adopts high-cost American crocodile leather, has a neat car line and clear lettering. The bottom leather is also imported French cowhide, which has a strong texture. The friendly seagull version is matched with top craftsmanship imported French calfskin. Strap colors are available.
The pin buckle is molded according to the original, and the lettering, curvature and polishing are synchronized. Very delicate.
9. The case size data is perfect, the V7 factory and the original are the same.
10. The wave of Fino from the V7 factory is the world’s top 120-section Swarovski zircon, each of which is engraved with SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA (visible with a magnifying glass, the only one in the industry, and the cost is several times more expensive than the ordinary version. ), fully in line with the comprehensive standards of the international diamond grading authority GIA in assessing the diamond cut grade, with incomparable brilliance, comparable to diamonds! The overall effect is infinitely close to the genuine product! It can be said to be well-intentioned, and the authenticity brought by the super cost-effectiveness is praised by it!
This female watch from the V7 factory is one of the few top female watches in the industry. With its super high value and fine workmanship, it can be an artifact of ladies' watches recommended by anger! Called a classic!

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