V9 factory CARTIER Cartier tank series W5200028 (extra large) watch

 V9 Cartier tank series mechanical men's clothing (steel belt: WSTA0029, steel belt: W5200028, rose gold belt: W5200026), disassembled the original mold, synchronous original size: length 40.5mm*width 31mm*thickness 7.8mm, imported original Citizen .9015 automatic mechanical movement, the reason for starting:
1. [Appearance is messy]: The same shell-shaped arc, the same CNC polishing level, the same thickness and size, without opening the movement (no flaws in the bottom), even professionals will have the original Sense of sight.
2. [Movement stability]: Equipped with imported original Citizen.9015 automatic mechanical movement, accurate travel time, QC error within 10s, and stable and durable.
3. [Details in place]: ➀the same off-white sandblasted literal as the original, not the pale white of a small factory; ➁burned steel blue pointer, and the needle surface has been polished, the needle tip is round and the texture is visible; ➂graduation text fill The oil is uniform and free of burrs, and the thickness and size are the same as the original; ➃Batti uses the same blue spinel as the original, which is transparent, instead of small factories using plastic or inferior zircon; ➄case back, raw ears, etc. The invisible parts are also polished finely, just for the truth; ➅As large as the case, as small as the buckle screw, they can all be original.
4. [Quality Control] ➀The appearance of each watch is through the artificial eyepiece QC, to ensure that there will be no obvious defects on the literal and movement. ➁In terms of travel time, the imported calibration instrument is used to measure the data first, and then use a three-dimensional simulator to simulate the hands for one day, and the error is controlled within the normal value before packaging and shipping.
5. [The same style of celebrity] The watch comes with business decent temperament, which fully demonstrates the tonality of a gentleman's quality male. If the blue balloon is too flamboyant and frivolous, then the tank has more connotations in the city. Andy Lau, Deng Chao, Jin Dong, Lu Yi have all worn it or Endorsed the same watch. There are two options for the watch: leather belt and steel belt. The belt is more affectionate and the steel belt is tougher.

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