V9 factory IWC Portuguese series IW503307 perpetual calendar watch

 The V9 Portuguese series of true perpetual calendars, the first perpetual calendar in the reproduction world, is upgraded to a copy of the 52610 movement based on imported Dajing work. It not only realizes most of the functions of the perpetual calendar, but also has stable travel time. The repair rate is extremely low. Engraved with a rare complication watch in the market.
Reasons for starting:
1. [Perpetual Calendar]-Normal operation of the perpetual calendar year at 8 o'clock (2017-2024, free return to factory to replace the year module in 2024), like the original one, can be adjusted through the hidden button of the watch case, and is better than the original reversible adjustment (The original year is irreversible, and you will need to repair it at your own expense if you adjust it);
2. [Sun, Moon, and Star]-the date (3 o'clock), month (6 o'clock), week (9 o'clock) are all normal transmission operation , And can be adjusted manually (the date can be adjusted in both directions by pulling out the second gear, the month can be adjusted by the 8 o'clock hidden button, and the week can be driven by the adjustment pointer);
3. [Exquisite workmanship]-internal and external repairs, German CNC numerical control equipment The moulded case strap is manually QC one by one in the later period. The rasas and chamfers in every part of the case are almost as good as the original ones. The movement text and fonts are distributed in the same original style. The fish scales and other lines are polished and the details are very exquisite. The arched scratch-resistant mirror is as transparent as the original one.
4. [Elegant hands-on]——The size is 41mm*13mm, which is more suitable for Asian wrists. The shell shape is elegant and versatile, showing the temperament of a gentleman. Chen Bolin and Zhang Ruoyun have the same style.
5. [Movement stability] Grand Seiko movement is inherently small and stable with small errors. On this basis, all finished watches will be simulated and tested on the QE simulator imported from Switzerland for one day after successful assembly. There is no error or secret stop. This is the most complicated and stable watch in the COPY market ever.

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