VR Factory [Modified 40mm] Rolex Gray Yacht-Master Series Red Needle Steel Band Men's Watch

"Triple Red Yacht" VR Factory magic change adds a new product Triple Red This customized product is a reference to the Rolex Yacht 1166220 watch series!
1⃣️Diamond carbon (DCL) coated case, diamond-like carbon black dial!
2⃣️At the same time, there are three different plane spaces in "red label", "red hand" and "red calendar".
3⃣️The mysterious and cool black is matched with the warm and enchanting red, thus creating a super visual sense!
4⃣️The movement is equipped with the fourth-generation TOP3135 movement of VR Factory, each movement has its own independent number, the authentic and consistent blue hairspring, and the real KIF shock absorber! It is really a warrior with both internal and external training
 You deserve it! 

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