VS Factory OMEGA Omega Seamaster Series Blue Ceramic Case Diving Watch

VS new product: too difficult! Blue ceramics! VS researched and developed for one year, and made an exclusive breakthrough in integrated blue ceramics. It's too difficult, only this batch! Monochrome ceramics prevail in white, black, and gray. Blue ceramic watches are really rare. VS uses ceramic raw materials (zirconia) to add pigments. The mold is injected with zirconia for 1000bar pressure molding, and plasma sintering in a 20,000 degrees Celsius furnace for 3 hours. After sintering, it will not be able to be processed later. Once molded, it will change color and color after sintering. Uneven, sand holes, white spots, direct scrap! Irretrievable! The defective product is too high! As a result, mass production is impossible. too difficult! The case body/crown/dial/buckle/back cover/ring mouth/are all made of blue ceramic, and each part is individually sintered and polished. VS carefully selects only 30% good products! too difficult!
Size: 45.5m
Movement: Re-engraved cal.890
Function: Hour, minute, second and GMT dual time zone pointe
Case: Blue ceramic cas
Mirror: Scratch-resistant sapphire crysta
Dial: Blue dial
Bezel: Single rotating bezel
Strap: Blue natural rubber strap
Buckle: Blue ceramic folding clasp
Water resistance: >300 meters 

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