WWF Factory [Carbon Fiber Tape Model] ROLEX Rolex Cosmic Chronograph Daytona Series Diw Team Transformation Edition

WWF new product release:
[Case] ​​Made of carbon fiber material, light and comfortable to wear, each watch has a unique carbon fiber pattern. Because the carbon fiber material is very hard, the loss of the case in the CNC molding process is also very large!
[Mirror] The double-sided electroplating high-transmittance film process is adopted to increase the permeability of the entire sapphire mirror by 50%; a good mirror can very well enhance the texture of the entire watch!
[Literal] The style is novel, each nail scale is chamfered and polished to enhance the texture and gloss of the literal!
[Strap] Made of natural rubber, it is comfortable to wear, and the texture is very soft. The strap line and the literal color echo, completely in line with the original!
[Movement] Using the precise and mature Shanghai 7750 chronograph movement, the functions are synchronized with the original ones!

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