Z Factory [Tourbillon] RICHARD MILLE Richard Mille RM51-01 Dragon and Tiger Hegemony Full Diamond Watch

The Dragon Tiger Real Tourbillon Richard Mille released a RM51-01 watch in 2014, namely: Tiger and Dragon-Michelle Yeoh, which translates to Dragon Tiger Tourbillon Watch, which is worthy of the name. Yes, there is the 3D painting of "Dragon and Tiger Hegemony". The creativity of the watch is inspired by the exquisite elements in the Chinese movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". It uses the tourbillon movement to match the dragon and tiger paintings and uses superb carvings. , All hand-embedded on the movement and dial. Let's take a look at the true face of the Dragon Tiger Tourbillon. This watch is colorful and also reflects the level of craftsmanship of Richard Mille* Richard Mille brand, because it is all hand-painted Dragon Tiger. The original shape is truly lifelike, perfectly surrounding the watch's movement, tourbillon and hands; the brave and domineering tiger represents courage, and the peaceful air of the dragon represents happiness and prosperity. In the eyes of the Chinese people, these Symbolic meaning, it can be said to make people eager to have it 

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