ZF Factory [39mm] Tudor Blue Bay Series M79030b-0001 Diving Watch

ZF's best refined mm product of the year [Biwan Small Shield Retro Chic] ZF shockingly launched-Emperor, Tobiwan series M79030N-0001 watch, red triangle, gold hour markers, small size, ingeniously fusion of the brand's traditional aesthetics and contemporary system Table craftsmanship, extremely retro charm.
[Case] ​​The size of the watch is 39mmX11.9mm. ZF accurately restores a thinner and more compact case. Like the genuine product, the distance between the lugs is also reduced to 20 mm. The ratio is just right, and it fits the slim wrist better. The exquisite and extraordinary case, the beveled edge is polished and polished by the ZF watchmaker, without scratching, to achieve the perfect taste of the original tough and retro.
[Watchband] Synchronized original "rivet" stainless steel watchband, which combines comfort and hand-to-hand with exquisite retro style. It is finely polished and uses solid links. The links on both sides are connected by rivet heads, presenting a unique stepped structure. The edges of the strap and the buckle are round and not sharp, making it easy to wear and comfortable to use. [Movement] The 2824 automatic winding movement with excellent performance is adopted, and the function is 100% consistent with the genuine product. It is produced by ZF and must be a boutique! The best evening products of the year are waiting for you!
Movement: 2824 automatic machinery
Size: 39mm thickness 11.9mm
Mirror: Sapphire mirror
Ring: Matte blue anodized aluminum 60-minute scale word ring
Material: stainless steel
Strap: stainless steel
Clasp: folding clasp

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