ZF Factory Breguet Breguet Queen of Naples Series 8928BR/5W/944/DD0D watch

ZF elegantly produced the strongest female replica watch in the history-Breguet's Queen of Naples series made a stunning debut. All the shortcomings of the market version have been corrected, noble and elegant, showing the queen's demeanor!
[Case] ​​The size of the watch is medium 36.5×28.5 mm, small 33 x 25 mm. The
oval-shaped case is elegant and elegant, and the outer edge of the case is decorated with coin patterns. A total of 117 Swarovski crystals (approximately 0.99 carats) are inlaid around the bezel and case. The crown is inlaid with a pear-shaped spar (about 0.26 carats)
【Exciting details】
1. It is in line with the original, and the back of the case is marked with precious metal, the effect is clear and neat, highlighting the grade of the watch. 2. The domed glass does not have a fish-eye effect from the side, but also reflects the brilliance brought by diamonds and shows the noble blood of the watch.
3. In order to achieve the quality of the original K gold, ZF adjusted the counterweight of the internal structure of the case to make it the same weight as the original.
[Strap] The spun silk (lambskin wrapped silk) strap is as gentle as the skin, and the Breguet-style folding clasp is elegant and delicate.
[Movement] Customized version of Breguet .537/3 core, strict QC throughout, precise and stable performance, dignified and beautiful appearance.
The dignified, beautiful, noble and elegant
ZF products must be fine products~!

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