ZF Factory V2 Edition [The King of Steel Belts] AP Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series 15400ST.OO.1220ST.02 Grey Plate Formal Watch

ZF Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400V2 version-shocking online: upgraded movement shock absorber to Ingabreu shock absorber, consistent with the original-redefine the strongest version!
[Technical breakthrough]
1️⃣. To solve the thickness problem, use 9015 movement to change Audemars Piguet CAL.3120 all-in-one machine! Achieve a thickness of 9.8mm and the same as the original (the thinnest of other versions on the market is around 11mm)
2️⃣. The sky-high price watch hands are made in Switzerland (a precedent in the imitation watch world): the gold-equivalent watch hands have gloss, shape, three-dimensional effect and luminous. The effect can kill all current imitations in a second
[correct the main details]
1️⃣. The dial "Audemars Piguet" and the dial are convex, not flat.
2️⃣.ZF has improved the technology by upgrading to make the font of the calendar to the extreme.
3️⃣. You can compare all the versions currently on the market, and you will find that the "biscuit texture" on the ZF dial is more three-dimensional. The fine lines on the biscuit pattern are very delicate. The color of the dial can also stand out from the crowd!
4️⃣. The "buffer belt" with steel head particles pays tribute to the original, and the elasticity feels exactly the same. This is also the result of countless attempts.
5️⃣. The AP printed LOGO on the steel belt buckle can be slightly moved, and only the original details can reflect the essence.
6️⃣. Super automatic rotor, the color is the same as the original (the general version on the market is reddish). The embossment of the ap family badge on it is also more refined and moist.
Purchased 15400 white, blue and black to re-engrave the full range of 15400 ZF. Three originals!
Produced by ZF-Super God needs no explanation-ZF! ZF

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