ZF Factory V3 Version [40mm] PATEK PHILIPPE Patek Philippe AQUANAUT Grenade Series 5167R-001 Tape Business Formal Watch

ZF outstanding achievement [top sports collection luxury] ZF produced Patek Philippe 5165a watch-Patek Philippe submarine explorer series, a collection of sports and leisure, business suits, Yang Fan's voyage, shocking attack
[Case] ​​The size of the watch is 40mmX8.6mm. The highly recognizable PP pillow-shaped shell is elegant and graceful. It fits the wrist and is light and elegant in design. Each workpiece is the crystallization of the top technology in the industry.
[Technical breakthrough] Changed from Miyoda 9015 to PP self-produced Cal.324 SC movement-large and small splints are shiny and flowing, gem bearings are bright and natural, and the position of the balance wheel matches the original one.
[Excellent Achievement] 1. Market exclusive purchase of original version development
2. The market exclusive realization of the balance wheel position consistent with the genuine product
3. It is currently the thinnest imitation product on the market. The move must be made only for the thick accumulation of "thin" hair-ZF products must be high-quality products!
[Size] The details are as follows
38.5mm only one 5165A
40mm is 5167A 5167R 5167A/1A 5167A red color
42mm is 5168G 5168G
V3 version update content:
[Excellent Achievement] Fix any deficiencies in all versions on the market 1. Purchase the original version with a lot of money for development 2. All details, follow the original, so that it can be replaced by a fake 3. It is currently the thinnest and best-textured copy of the super god on the market
[Technical breakthrough] Leading the era of all-in-one machines, adopting customized Cal.324 all-in-one machines-thinner, more stable, and more similar.

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