ZF Factory【Black Venom Grenade】PATEK PHILIPPE Patek Philippe AQUANAUT Grenade Series 5167A Tape Business Formal Watch

ZF New Product Preview [Color]PP5167 "Black Venom Grenade"
"Modified Watch" has always been a rebel of luxury goods! And ZF came into being to launch a new creation based on the existing ZF PP5167 grenade through DLC-plated black diamond carbon" Black Venom Grenade"!
DLC is a technology "hidden" behind Black Venom. It is a kind of molecular coating with great potential, originated in the military field, and later successfully applied in other fields. It is not completely reversible like PVD, and does not produce more magnetic residues. A dense deep black that blends with leather to form an elegant contrast. Each watch is tailor-made for each customer. With Black Venom, you don't just buy a luxury watch. Get your own identity and become a true luxury traitor, which will make you unique!
[Wonderful details] The size of the watch is 40 mm
. 1. The diamond carbon (DCL) coated case is extremely hard and does not fear wear. All DLC black accessories take up to 5-8 weeks to complete
2. Customized Cal.324 all-in-one is still used
3. Natural rubber strap DLC diamond carbon coated buckle
ZF produced luxurious rebellious style

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